HOOF-it Bovine


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Painful hoof problems in dairy cattle are known to reduce milk production and fertility. When you elevate the infected or damaged portion of the hoof by applying a block treatment to the healthy side of the claw, you will return her to production in a shorter period of time.


Quick Block®
Our Quick Block® is fast curing within 30 seconds, and easy to work with. Our cartridges will fit into any gun that you have in your trimming block. QuickBlock is designed to be used in conjunction with our bovine Boot Block® or wooden block system. This product is a simple one-step process with the mixing done in the tip. One shot to the block and you're done. It just doesn't get any easier than HOOF-it® Quick Block®!

Powder & Liquid
Mix HOOF-It® MMA Liquid and Powder for hoof repair acrylic to properly glue and apply hoof blocks and boots to your dairy cattle. Flexible, durable, won’t damage hooves - quick and easy to use. A quick-curing, high-tech dental acrylic resin is the key material in the HOOF-it® system. Less odorous than other products on the market, it’s easy to mix and use and provides consistent results. With accelerator treatment, it can be done in four minutes, even at -22° F.

Clear plastic block for quick and easy application. This flexible boot provides an easy, tight fit and features textured glue surfaces for increased adhesion, thick air-cushioned sole for added comfort, 2° slope for better claw recovery, textured walking surface, and a rolled toe for enhanced break-over. Durable, quality plastic that lasts!

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